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Will Ashmore (Dub'ya)

is a writer and visual artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. He is a graduate of Capilano University's Commercial Animation program and a 10-year videogame industry vet. As a narrative designer, Will has written dialogue for Johnny Knoxville, the Trailer Park Boys, Cheech & Chong, Tom Green, and Carole Baskin, to name a few. He boasts a wide array of applicable production skills, including years of experience working in Unity. In his free time, Will enjoys snowboarding, bowling, speaking in the third-person, and wandering the countryside liberating tiny rural towns from crooked local lawmen, greedy cattle barons and such...

Connecting with your audience is crucial!

Here, Dub'ya trots out some new horse-related material for a member of the target demographic...

Cheech & Chong's Bud Farm
LDRLY Games - 2020


This was a joint venture between East Side Games and sister-studio LDRLY. As lead narrative designer, I worked with the LDRLY team to produce the game's creative content.
My responsibilities on this project included:

  • Defining the overall story direction, and working with the art department to develop a cast of characters.

  • Writing and implementing scripts for roughly 40 in-game episodes and limited-time events.

  • Onboarding new narrative designers; proofreading, editing, and providing feedback on their material.

The year is 1976, and the Princes of Pot are stranded in the sleepy hamlet of Hierba Verde, CA. Cut off from their usual supply, the Sultans of Smoke need your help to grow a business empire and stay one step ahead of the law... Easier said than done, with Sgt Stadanko in hot pursuit!
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